Clueless about how to decide which would be the right company to join?

With so many companies around, selecting and deciding the right company often becomes an overwhelming task for a candidate. Especially when media is paid, accolades are bought than earned, reviews and ratings are inflated.. Isn't it?

So, how do you make the right choice??

Read on.....

I recall quite early in my career when I had to decide between two different companies - one where I have spent a great time and the other - a well known US retailer; I picked one that I thought was more aligned with my career objectives.. I prioritized learning over compensation at the point.

If you ask "Did I make the right choice? ".

I would respond, " It depends." It really depends on who you're, what you are aiming at, how flexible you're to adapt to any culture, depends on how resilient you are or how you would like to carry forward with your identity."

Without working somewhere it's really hard to assume. However, all through these years, one thing I can really vouch for is choosing the right company especially at the start of your career is of paramount importance. You need to get over the notion of " Money💰💰" to be the only determining factor behind your decision of whether or not to join an organization.

"Birds of same feather flock together!".

The biggest blunder happens when you are a misfit. Not because of skill, but because of hundreds of other things that make up your identity.

With my humble experience so far, below is a list if top 10 areas you should look out for to see if you are at the right place:

1. Does your organization follow a specific DNA/culture - one that helps differentiate yourself from the herd (maybe in terms of how good you talk?).

2. Does your organization promote a sense of diversity and inclusion? Is it a place good for only a few whose vested interests are well protected or for all?

3. Does your identity well align with that of your organization? If that happens, you should not leave the place just for 💵!

4. How does your organization value you? Is it only monetary perks and lavish parties? Or verbal appreciation and gestures that make you feel motivated?

5. How does your manager treat you? Do you get treated as you want to get treated or in a way that he/she would feel best to cover up for their inefficiencies or lack of management and leadership skills?

6. What is the vibe you get from your supervisor/leaders? Is it positive? Or, do you feel lack of connect, and even a positive outcome of any connect? Try to differentiate between your boss being busy unable to connect v/s a false sense of pride or ego that spans across the floor?

7. What's the vocabulary used on the floor? I strongly believe that an organization is largely driven by its people. And it's the people who build the rules and the hallmark of a big brand is how tolerant you are towards someone who breaks the rules. Word usage plays a key role in shaping the culture and brand equity of an organization.

If you end up having an ill-tempered and bad-mouthed manager, it's not your fault. It's because he or she might have reached the management level too quickly. I feel bad for those who get such a tampered picture of reality just because they might have just started off with a bumpy ride..

8. Do you get the necessary appreciation you deserve or is it eaten away by your boss? One of my bosses recently told me - "I'm not here to take part in politics, my role is to learn and work and not put a trigger on other's shoulders to climb up the ladder." While some words may sound unpolished, it's better as raw and unfiltered than masked sugar coated remarks underneath unethical intentions.

9. Does your manager feel you not taking stress is a good thing or a bad thing?

10. Do you find bosses and managers in your workplace or can you spot LEADER(s)? A LEADER has followers and is someone you look upto while a BOSS has DRs and a BOSSY ATTITUDE!!!

It's not only about NUMBER CRUNCHING, RELENTLESS CODING, MONEY - It's also about YOUR OWN BRAND, IDENTITY, HUMANITY, ETHICS, COMPASSION, CULTURE -- Core pillars of a workplace, an enterprise, a team, an organization..

Most importantly don't trust the ratings, the media and magazines!!! Talk to real employees, hear out their experiences (not one off, but collective)

The hallmark of good work environment and culture is not measured by how many awards or how much dollars you have amassed. It's primarily about the key relationships you have been able to build through a bond of mutual trust and respect for each other! Do you want to really wait for a longevity award.

Hope the list was helpful! Add anything you feel is important and relevant fit in this list. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. 🙏

Make it a great day!! 😊

Sayan has a background in Economics. He comes with nearly a decade of industry experience in the field of data science. Follow him on LinkedIn for more updates.